Major Medical Insurance Quotes

For the uninsured, associations and self employed


  • Providing health insurance to the uninsured


Explaining the drawbacks of individual health coverage:
  • You are subject to underwriting
  • You might have a doctor or worse administrator making your health care choices for you (esp. with an HMO)
  • Large deductibles and copays (esp. with a PPO)
Explaining the benefits of individual health coverage:
  • You have greater portability than a group health plan
  • You have flexibility with your doctor (esp. with a PPO)
  • Low or no deductibles and copays (esp. with an HMO)
  • You cannot be canceled unless the insurance carrier leaves the region
Explaining the drawbacks of group health coverage:
  • Commitment to complex ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA regulations
  • lawsuits and disputes by employees over coverage
  • IRS involvement is benefits are taxable or non
  • Exorbitant cost
  • Poor health care reflects badly on the company
  • Additional work for accounting
  • May need to retain a lawyer to assist in obeying the laws
  • May attract employees that are more interested in the health insurance than working
  • Carriers can cancel the group coverage
Explaining the benefits of group health insurance:
  • Attract employees from competitors who may not offer employer coverage
  • Get highly qualified personal that may have pre existing medical conditions
  • Retain good employees for a longer term
  • Keep moral higher
  • Stop employees from going to a competitor who may not offer health insurance benefits
  • Lower employees financial exposure to large medical cost, affecting productivity
  • May be able to offer less pay, via a good benefit program
  • Generate good will


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