Below are links to all of American Century plansĀ applications and forms.
You can download the forms or, for some forms, complete & submit online.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity

SPDA Application Print/download Complete online
1035 exchange, transfer, or rollover Print/download
Withdrawal request Print/download Complete online
RMD request Print/download Complete online
Annuity claim Print/download
Annuity distributions – bank account change Print/download
Buyer’s guide to fixed deferred annuities Print/download

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

SPIA application Print/download Complete online

Policy Changes

Change in policy owner or beneficiary Print/download
Policy cancellation Print/download
Life insurance – bank draft or credit card authorization Print/download

Policy Reinstatement Request

Release of medical records (required with all reinstatement forms) Print/download
For application forms L-222, Term 5R Print/download
For application form L-222A Print/download
For application form L-222J – Preferred and Standard Print/download
For application form L-222J – Modified Print/download
For application form Term Print/download
For application form L-222B Print/download
For application form JT25 Print/download

Claim Related Forms

Annuity claim Print/download
Life insurance claim Print/download
Affidavit of lost policy Print/download
Release of medical records Print/download
Affidavit of next of kin Print/download

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